2muse s.r.o.

Záborského 45
Bratislava - Nové Mesto, 831 03
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Jarošova 1
Bratislava - Nové Mesto, 831 03
+421 918 581 240

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How to Get to Us
If you prefer public transport, all trams going to Zlaté piesky (“OC Polus” stop) or Rača (“Riazanská” stop) will get you right next to the 2muse headquarters. In both cases you just continue on foot on Riazanská Street and turn to Halašova Lane by the Blue Hotel. 200 yards straight on you will get to an intersection with a tire service garage and Furmanská pub. Opposite the pub, next to the service garage you will find Záborského 45.
If going by bus, you should disembark at “Hálkova” stop (Lines 50 & 51). In case of Line 98 disembark at “Polus City Center” stop.

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