who we are
We are an independent agency who helps you to make good business decisions. We are researchers. We perfectly understand our clients´ duties and, thanks to quality data, we can put ourselves in their customers´ shoes. We see the whole picture of the market, which is what we base our recommendations on.
what we do
We work with market data, analyse data and carry out market research. What you get in the end is the information and context thanks to which you will better understand the market, your customers and employees.
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How to set up
a brand?
Do people know my brand?
What are its strengths and weaknesses?
What is my brand image like?
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New product and service placement?
What does our market look like?
Will my product be successful?
What do I have to do for success?
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How to keep customers?
How satisfied are my customers?
What do I do well and what not so well?
How do customers use my products?
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How to prepare adverts?
Does my advertising work?
What should I do to make it efficient?
How to make advertising that works?
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How to motivate employees?
How do my employees see me?
Where to get potential
employees from?
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Research Academy
Learn how to conduct good research.
Courses, seminars and training to conduct
quality and efficient research
why to work with us
We always tailor solutions to your needs. The solutions may be fast and simple, or thorough and strategic.
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we explain a complex context and data in an easy-to-understand way
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handy tips
we always offer recommendations – what to do or change
2muse methodology
to process research data and reflect your situation as accurately as possible we utilise proven as well as in-house innovative methods
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we have a long-term experience with market research
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2muse team
we are a team of experienced professionals who see the whole context and who is always there for you
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data collection under control
we have an in-house call centre (CATI studio) in Bratislava, an online panel of respondents with managed access and a recruitment network for qualitative research throughout Slovakia
Our people have decades of experience in nearly every market sector. We are also very happy to work with non-profit organisations and start-ups.
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get in touch with us
Mutual effective communication is the key of each good co-operation, which we do care about.
2muse s.r.o.
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