Team CDK

Project Executive
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She has attended the Faculty of Social aned Economic Sciences, Commenius University – mastering at Social Anthropology in 2015, and participating in a unique practice – 2 fieldwork research studies in the Eastern Slovakia.

During the study she attended a PDCS course of negotiation and mediation in social conflicts. After the completion of her studies, she worked for Nadacia Pontis as an intern in the international project Changemaker's map.

She fell in love with market research during her first part-time job for GfK Slovakia and TNS Slovakia while studying at high school. After that she focused on improving soft skills and personal abilities for better understanding and fieldwork with people, foresight and ability to listen, because she knew that one day she would want to fully devote  her professional life to examining people.

She started to work for 2muse as an attentive „junior“ and a qualitative research fan.  She is co-responsible for in-depth interviews and focus groups, and follow-up analyses and interpretation. She participates in specific insight analyses of open questions in quantitative questionaires and other supportive activites.