2muse is an agency which fully provides its clients with both quantitative and qualitative market research. Our mission is to provide quality solutions and help clients with their managerial decisions primarily based on data from the market research.

We use common sense and intelligent solutions to achieve the best understanding of the market.We build our knowledge and recommendations for clients on a long-term experience. We want to become experts and, therefore, we appreciate knowledge of other people. We realize that if we want to grow, we need continuous and long-term education.


Our History and Approach

The research agency 2muse was founded in 2009. In 2011 it took 4th place in the the overall research agency ranking based on turnover, and has kept it ever since.

2muse is the largest research agency in Slovakia not belonging to a global network, which enable a full focus on understanding the Slovak market as well as needs of clients in Slovakia. The agency has been co-operating with a wide range of leading companies in various sectors (please see References).

2muse builds on a long-term co-operation with its clients, which enable to bring solutions for clients to grow. The 2muse approach has been appreciated not only by clients, but also by Ernst & Young. Michal Vyšinský, the director of 2muse, won the category 2012 Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year.

High quality of research is evident particularly from outputs of the results, which are useful on both the practical and strategic levels. 2muse observes the highest international standards of data collection and all other processes, as defined in the ESOMAR codex. 2muse was the first research agency in Slovakia to obtain ESOMAR corporate membership at the end of 2012. ESOMAR is an international organisation which connects professionals and, as of 2012, also companies involved in market research.

In the research industry people is the most valuable asset. 2muse, therefore, puts the greatest emphasis on choosing right employees as well as on their further education. Many team members have a history of experience in market research locally and internationally, on both sides – as researchers or clients. 2muse has been awarded RecruitRank Awards 2010 for the best job interview processes, as evaluated by job candidates.

Background for quantitative data collection

Different qualitative research tasks require various types of data collection. 2muse carries out most of the research methods by means of its own resources.


CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

  • 2muse has own fully equipped call centre (CATI studio), situated directly in Bratislava.
  • We use two types of software which focus solely on the market research and enable to program any kind of a questionnaire, even the most complicated one. The software automatically ensures the check of quota performance and the allocation of telephone numbers.
  • Interviews are continuously monitored by supervisors.


The majority of your customers and potential customers are online, so why don’t you approach them online? In 2muse we believe that online research is a tool which gives our clients an opportunity to reach their target audience fast and effectively. Unlike standard data collection methods, online research enables respondents to fill out questionnaires in their natural environment (usually at home or in an office), in their own pace and when it is most suitable for them. Respondents are more open to talk about sensitive topics they would not normally share with strangers (interviewers).


It is used for online questioning. The panel consists of people living in Slovakia, aged 15+ with Internet access. All respondents are regularly verified and scored in two dimensions: respondent uniqueness and authenticity, quality and consistence of responses.

In order to maintain the truest „copy“ of Slovak population, there is a multi-channel recruitment of respondents. It is usually a mix of online and offline channels (recruitment by phone, online advertising, F2F, affiliate). A great attention is paid to socio-demographic representativeness, which is regularly monitored and adjusted.


Respondents are selected with care according to socio-demographic characteristics to ensure the most the sample representativeness in line with the target audience in the whole population. Respondents fill out online questionnaires in their own online panel account following the log-in via their personal password. Online questionnaires enable the use of audio and video recordings as well as interactive features, which make research more dynamic and often better simulate respondents´ real thinking.

Thanks to the sufficient size of the panel (over 10 000 respondents), a great number of projects conducted and thousands of questionnaires collected we can easily conduct research projects on various specific target groups, such as parents with children aged under 18, car owners or users of particular products and services.

CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

We conduct interviews via the web interface through the IBM SPSS Data Collection platform, where questionnaires are placed on special websites - these are placed either on the 2muse web or directly on the client´s web.

CLT (Central Location Test)

2muse performs face-to-face interviews throughout its own network of interviewers and recruiters in studios in Bratislava, Košice, Prešov, Žilina, Nitra and Banská Bystrica, or in other towns and cities according to clients´ needs and a task being solved.


We have our own network of mystery shoppers/callers at our disposal - they perform undisclosed mystery face-to-face or telephone interviews, which enables an objective assessment of whether the client´s standards are met.

Other data collection methods are provided for by our external partners. With them we can ensure the highest quality and, at the same time, the cost-effective data collection.

Background for qualitative research

A special studio where qualitative interviews take place makes qualitative research very comfortable.

Our studio in Bratislava is designed on the basis of presenters´ experience in order to make it as much ´customer-oriented´ as possible. Apart from the standard studio, we also carry out interviews in a special ´living room´ which simulates a flat environment.

techzazkval1.jpg techzazkval2.jpg

In both studios it is possible to:

  • view the course of interviews through high-quality one-way mirrors
  • view the course of interviews through webstreaming directly in your computer (web streaming is a process / technology which allows a multimedia content to be transferred via the Internet)
  • make direct audio and video recordings, full or edited versions (output also on a DVD)
  • enable simultaneous interpreting of interviews directly and/or through webstreaming
    • as regards simultaneous interpreting, we cooperate with top interpreters who have extensive experience with the interpretation of research talks

Of course, we provide the execution of qualitative research in most of the towns and cities throughout Slovakia.

  • In areas outside Bratislava it is possible to run a simultaneous viewing via a closed video-circuit as well as to make audio and video recordings. This technical support is done by our experienced external suppliers.

Online data collection in qualitative research is run mostly on two basic platforms:

  • On-line blog / forum (i.e. a multimedia platform where selected panellists respond to specific research topics in the course of several days or weeks)
  • On-line focus group discussions and chats (i.e. a multimedia platform where selected panellists discuss topics for a fixed period of time on a specific day).



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