How to prepare adverts?

thoroughly and strategically

Our pre-tests of advertising campaigns and other qualitative methods will be of help when you are preparing new advertising campaigns. Given the rich experience in testing of marketing communication, we have helped to uncover many pitfalls of tested commercials.

With the existing and past campaigns (post-tests) in mind we can help you understand why the campaign was or was not a success. We can also advise on what (not) to do in the future.

We focus on a detailed diagnosis – our tools (including biometric measurement) are quick to identify problem areas of the advert, their significance and possible ways how to eliminate them.

We have rich databases of benchmarks which tell us whether a tested advert can be broadcast as it is or there might be some risks. The measurement of all basic brand indicators is a common practise. We also interlink research and media data, thus being able to measure how efficient the communication is.


We are communication experts who are there for you when you need it.

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