New product and service placement?

thoroughly and strategically

The market is a playing field. You move your counters well if you are perfectly familiar with the field and your opponents.

With our research solutions (i.e. market segmentation studies, market description studies and U&A) you will thoroughly understand how the ´play field´ works now, how it might work in the future and how to move on it in order to be successful.

The research data in combination with the ´hard data´ and databases of customers´ real behaviour will be a very accurate source of information for you to work with your customers and product portfolio.

When creating or re-considering the product portfolio, the research will show you whether your products can bring you money or work reasonably well in relation with your customers. You will also find out whether your products need to be adjusted in order to be successful and whether they get to your customers by the right channel.


Would you like to be the best player on the market you can be or just to be drifted across the market sea?

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