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Field Manager
+421 917 418 203

In 2009, she completed her master's degree in Social Work at the Faculty of Health and Social Work at the University of Trnava.

In the past, she worked in the social sphere.

Since March 2010, he has been working in the field of research at the 2muse agency. Since its beginnings, it has gone through:

  • administrative position,
  • management of the recruitment section,
  • assistance in qualitative research,
  • to working in the quantitative section of 2muse.

In the position of "senior project executive", she was responsible for the preparation of projects, their transfer to the field, data processing in SPSS, analysis and interpretation, preparation of final reports for the client.

She collaborated on various projects in the field of qualitative and quantitative research. The ones she dealt with most often were from the telecommunications sector, the B2B sector, she has experience mainly from advertising research in the banking sector.

After returning from maternity leave from 2023, she expands her competences in the field of exploration in the data collection department as "Field Manager".